I Have booked to sierra Nevada, what happens when the weather is not good?

Sierra Nevada is located in the Cordillera Penibetica mountain ranges of Andalusia, in the province of Granada. The peaks of Mulhacen and Veleta are part of this mountainous area, both exceeding 3.300 metres in height; the Mulhacen reaches 3,480 meters, which is considered one of the highest peaks of Europe.

At the foot of the ski slopes there is a resort village called Pradollano, which stretches up a hill to the north of the pistes. The bottom of the village is at about 2,100 m (6,890 ft) above sea level, while the summit is just below 3,400 m (11,150 ft), this means that in peak season from November all the way through to April you may find that there are days when it is not possible to get to the village due to severe weather conditions in this case the police cut off the only access to sierra Nevada ( when the road is cut off vehicles are not permitted even with chains), in the event of this occurring our driver will take you safely to the closest town being Granada and find you a hotel to stay the night, our transfer service finishes once the driver has left you safely either in Sierra Nevada or in Granada due to the roads being cut off we are not liable for any extra expenses such as hotels due to the roads being cut off, there are many taxis available in Granada city that can drive you up to Sierra Nevada once the weather permits access.